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High-speed Punching Line for Motor Lamination

High-speed Punching Line for Motor Lamination

This high-speed punching line is composed of rack, S type leveling machine, exchangeable gears or feeder, material lubrication device, closed double-point high-speed press.

With a high strength cast iron structure body, a base and four beams fixed by tension screws, the leveling machine has good body rigidity. Besides, the double action power press has a dry pneumatic friction clutch so the noise is low. And the clutch torque, small braking angle is convenient for maintenance.

High-speed Punching Line for Motor Lamination

Below is the detailed information of this high-speed punching line for motor laminations:

1. Four point type crankshaft support structure can increase the strength of crankshaft, with good rigidity, less deformation and the ability to resist to eccentric load.
2. Imported rolling bearings, stable operation, high precision.
3. The structure of guide column and guide pin bushing is adopted to completely avoid the connecting rod from swinging on the slide, to generate a lateral force, guarantee the precision of the slide.
4. Slide is guided by clearance-free ball bearing guide column and guide pin bushing, ensuring the precision of the slide.
5. The machine is equipped with dynamic balance system, which can reduce the vibration and noise of machine tool, die life extension, thus improves the working environment.
6. Hydraulic locking device for adjustment rods, ensuring the precision of bottom dead center.
7. This punching line has an oil circulation lubrication system with a circuit alarm function to ensure that the machines run smoothly.
8. Programmable cam controller (encoder), convenient operation, reliable performance.
9. Variable speed motor, stroke frequency adjustable.

The punching line has automatic temperature control system, using the thermal compensation technology, precise control of the dead point position precision.

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