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Automatic Production Line (Metal Forming)

    1. Automatic Production line for Steel Light PoleThis set of equipments is the most economical configuration. Our automatic line for steel light poles offers high efficiency and reliable quality, allowing to obtain unpolished steel poles from raw materials without you having to intervene at any moment.
    1. Automatic Punch Press for Metal Junction Boxes (with Metal Stamping Production Line)C-frame press for electric metal box is a kind of C-frame punch press in which the frame resembles the shape of the letter "C". The C-frame punch press is a machine tool for processing materials by pumping fluid, which is some special hydraulic oil, in the slave cylinder with pressure. The hydraulic presses are widely used in industrial and mechanical fields.
    1. Steel Door Production Line with Hydraulic PressThe production line can also assemble and weld door panels, hot press, cut and weld door frames, spray powders, effectuate wood grain transfer printing, spray paints, assemble door and door frame.

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