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CNC Laser Cutting Machine

    1. 500W 700W 1000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine (Sheet Metal Cutting)This incredibly fast and flexible fiber laser cutting machine is designed for ultra-high speed cutting of thin sheet metal materials. The laser cutter is able to cut through a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals with excellent efficiency, minimizing the cost of operating the equipment.
    1. 3Kw Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for High Power Fiber LaserACCURL® fiber laser power source of the ECO series is an all-solid-state laser. This technology reduces the maintenance requirements and offers the lowest running cost with wall plug efficiency of 30% and without the need of any laser gas.
    1. Laser Cutting Machine

      This lase cutting machinery is most often used for cutting metal sheets less than 8mm thick in high speed and high precision.

    1. Fiber Laser Cutting MachineFiber laser cutting Machine is turning over a new leaf in the sheet metal processing technology. Accurl fiber laser cutting system is manufactured to meet the demands of fast, high-evolving industry. This machine is manufactured in a flexible design by Accurl's engineers.
    1. CO2 Laser Cutting Machine CO2 lasers are commonly used laser cutting systems because they have flexible application options that allow for consistent laser engraving, cutting, and marking on different metals and wooden work pieces.

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