1. Standardization of Service "212"
2: expect a response in 2 hours
1: a solution will be provided in 1 day
2: we will fix the issue in 2 days

2. Installation Service
Installation Services are available for all ACCURL sheet metal forming machines. We dispatch technicians to customers' locations for installation and configuration of machines. (Customers need only pay for technician airfare and lodging)

3. Training Service
Our technicians are available to visit your factory and offer comprehensive training of how to use our CNC machines. You may also send your technician to our facilities to undergo a more rigorous training program.

4. Quality Guarantee
1. We guarantee the quality of our sheet metal machines. We sign an agreement with detailed technical data.
2. We perform a final test after production and before shipment. We run the machine for a few days, and then use it under similar conditions that the customer will be using. After making sure the metal processing machine is performing properly, we will then make shipments.
3. Each piece of CNC equipment has a 3 year warranty.

We offer flexible extended warranties if needed.