Marketleader for sheet metal fabrication solutions and metalworking machinery such as sheet metal shear, press brake, and hydraulic press

ACCURL CNC Machine Tools (Anhui) Co., LTD is an influential producer of CNC machine tools and sheet metal processing equipment based in China. Our sheet metal shear, hydraulic press brake, hydraulic press and other sheet metal machinery are all designed and built using advanced technology, allowing us to establish a reputation delivering high quality products. Our cutting-edge production facility covers an area of 56,600 square meters and there we produce our metalworking machinery that is then used by our customers in variety of sheet metal fabrication applications.

We Are Machine Tool Manufacturer
    1. Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear

      The hydraulic swing beam shear can also be configured for piercing and blanking. We guarantee that ACCURL can provide you with the hydraulic shear that you are looking for.

    1. NC Hydraulic Press Brake WC67Y Series

      ACCURL produces a line of high power and high efficiency hydraulic press brakes that are guaranteed to perform precise sheet metal bending jobs for your fabrication purposes.

    1. 4-axis CNC Press Brake

      ACCURL-Bend 4-axis CNC Press Brake
      Designed for the future, this CNC press brake maximizes the speed and quality during production in order to decrease per unit costs.

    1. 500w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for IPG Fiber Lase

      Lens only need to be changed once a year, within an “optional clean room” environmentally controlled area. The same lens can be used for treating all materials in any thickness.

    1. 2Kw Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Cutting

      When the application requires a material of broader spectrum and the maximum thickness range is limited, the fiber laser is the ideal solution.

    1. Double Crank Presses

      JIS I accuracy.
      Steel welded frame with high rigidity.
      Double crankshafts reverse rotated to eliminate lateral force.
      Motor with inverter

    1. CNC Turret Punch Press

      This turret press is equipped with a thick turret tool holder with 30 stations. It comes standard with 2 auto index stations. Additional auto-indexing stations are optional.

    1. CNC Plasma Cutting Machine GSII-L Series

      The machine is equipped with the Hypertherm Micro Edge Pro touch screen CNC system, in order to realize the functions such as Cutpro wizard, cutting optimization tips and built in process databank.

    1. Waterjet Cutting Machine

      The ACCURL® abrasive water jet machine is a high-pressure waterjet machine that utilizes straight water cutting or abrasive waterjet cutting to cut several types of material.


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