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CNC Punch Press

    1. 50 Ton CNC Sheet Metal Turret Punching Machine By offering the choice between our MAX-series machines and the T-series classical thick-turret style, Accurl proudly offers a full range of punching solutions for both performance and price range requirements.
    1. 30 Ton Hydraulic CNC Turret Punch Press ACCURL®MAX-SF Series CNC Punch Press Machine is a newly developed multi-index tool turret punch press that is equipped with an advanced servo hydraulic system. Accurl’s MAX SF Series CNC Punching machines provides the fastest.
    1. 30 Ton Servo Drive CNC Turret Punch PressWith Accurl’s 30 or 50 ton high speed servo hydraulic punching head, sheet dimensions 2500 x 1300 mm and rotation axis for all tools, the MAX-SF is the perfect CNC turret punching machine. The large fully-brushed sheet support tables and the standard repositioning cylinders.
    1. 50 Ton CNC Servo Driven Ram Turret Punch Press ACCURL®MAX-SF Series CNC punch press machine is a new generation for servo hydraulic turret punch presses, utilizing the same features of a high reliability and durability as previous generations. With a German H + L advanced servo hydraulic system, its punching capacity remains strong, even for thick sheets.
    1. Hydraulic CNC Turret Punch Press MAX SF-30TBy offering the choice between of our well known TP-H series machines classical thick-turret style, Accurl proudly offers a full range of punching solutions both in performance and price range.
    1. Servo Driven CNC Turret Punch Press Smart-SF-30Accurl Turret Punch, presses are produced as a closed type rigid steel constructionsin to a robust structure to allow minimum deflection during operation.Operating System is CNC and hydraulic.
    1. CNC Turret Punch Press

      This turret press is equipped with a thick turret tool holder with 30 stations. It comes standard with 2 auto index stations. Additional auto-indexing stations are optional.

    1. CNC Turret Punching Press Machine MVD-HPI-3048This series of CNC punch press has a powerful high speed punching head that has a rotating device for quick punching tool rotation. The large support table of the rotative punch allows standard metal sheets to be worked quickly and easily without the need for alteration.
    1. Mechanical CNC Turret Punch Press TC-MAX1250The user friendly Siemens 808D CNC system offers everything you need to fit the high demands in contemporary punching. The high speed control, fast processing and intuitive user interface results in an innovative system capable of handling simple as well as complex tasks. From the initial idea to the production of parts, the T Siemens 808D CNC system is your ideal partner.

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