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H-Frame Hydraulic Press (for SMC Molding)

This H-frame hydraulic press is intended for unconventional machining and is specifically designed for composite molding. Sheet molding compounds (SMC's) are often used as alternatives to steel due to their economic and flexibility advantages. The variety of configuration options of this hydraulic press gives you great flexibility in your operation.

H-Frame Hydraulic Press (for SMC Molding)

Reliability and Technology
1. The technology used to maximize the system's output as well as enable unconventional machining to be carried out. Our composite molding press helps you reduce production costs.
2. The choice of model and configuration can meet any of your demanding production requirements.

The wide choice of accessories allows you to fully customize your H-frame hydraulic press according to your specific production requirements.

The automatic version of the H-frame hydraulic press has an electronic interface that makes it ready for connection to external devices.

Machine Functions
1. Our H-frame hydraulic presses have fully automatic options in addition to manual operation and adjustments.
2. Manual operation requires the operator to load and unload workpieces while the automatic mode completes all processes on its own.
3. An adjustment cycle allows the power press to carry out routine tests and helps in installation.
4. On a double-acting conventional press, the main stages of a work cycle include rapid slide movement.
5. The cushion performs the upstroke at the same time as the slide or it can be set on a delay.

Additional Functions of the H-frame Hydraulic Press
1. Slide capacity limitation
2. Limitation of working speed for special drawing operations
3. Continuous variation of blank-holder cushion reaction capacity
4. Coining controlled using a timer for special applications that require different work cycles compared to conventional ones
5. Upper triple action functionality (active and passive)
6. Reversible hydraulic system for top and bottom drawing
7. Independent blank-holder cushion to reduce working time
8. Programmable entry devices

Control System of the H-frame Hydraulic Press
This H-frame hydraulic press is managed using a CNC device. The SMC molding machine can store up to 200 different operation settings in order to quickly change production specifics. The CNC controller can also control:
Machine function cycles
Slide stroke
Blank-holder cushion stroke
The ejector
Auxiliary cams for external automation
The lubrication system
Production with counter for multiple batches
Stopping ramps and speed
Value offset (equipment maintenance)
Machine diagnostics

Applications of the H-frame Hydraulic Press
SMC devices such as this are suitable for fabricating water tank components, domestic appliances, drink containers, pressurized containers, and gas cylinders.

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