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4KW IPG Fiber Laser CNC Stainless Steel Cutting Machine

ACCURL IPG 4000W fiber laser cutting machine features a fast cutting and energy efficiency, especially when compared to CO2 lasers. With its easy to use structure that requires little to no maintenance, its service is among the highest of fiber lasers, and is globally recognized for its efficiency.

4KW IPG Fiber Laser CNC Stainless Steel Cutting Machine

New Generation 4Kw Fiber Laser Technology:
1. With auto focus, thin and thick sheets can be cut at the best quality.
2. Single part welded body, capable of handling very high acceleration.
3. Low operational cost and energy consumption.
4. Excellent results for all types of materials.
5. World recognized high quality components.
7. Modern and compact design.
8. Efficient and user-friendly structure.

Standard Equipment:
• Germany BECKHOFF CNC Controller
• IPG YLS-4000W Ytterbium Laser Resonator
• Advanced PRECITEC cutting head (with air cross blast)
• Automatic Double Pallet Changer(Shuttle Table)
• Precision Rack & Pinion Drive System (Made in Germany)
• Radan or Lantek CAD/CAM system
• Light source
• Chiller
• 3 lower protective lenses
• 3 Ceramic Nozzle Adapters
• Auto-calibrated nozzle system
• Smart Slag Collection System/ Chip Conveyor
• Fiber Beam Transmission System (Fiber Cable)
• Operates with both N2 and O2 (cutting) gases
• Home Position Alignment System
• Auxiliary Gas Selector
• Auto Reflection Warning
• Working Lights
• 5 Nozzles each of the Following: (1.0mm, 1.2mm,1.5mm, 2.0mm , 2.5mm , 3.0mm)

Optional Equipment:
• Automatic beam centering system.
• Linear motor technology
• Laser Safety Barrier
• Precitec cutting head
• Automatic sheet metal loading and unloading system.
• Compressor
• 1KW – 2KW – 3KW – 4KW – 5KW – 6KW – 8KW Laser power options available.

Technical Specification:
Laser power 4000W IPG Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Laser source Germany IPG fiber laser resonator
Processing surface (L × W) 3000mm x 1500mm
CNC control BECKHOFF (Germany)
Laser head Switzerland Raytools
Power supply AC380V±5% 50/60Hz (3 phase)
Total electric power 34KW
Position accuracy X, Y and Z axle +0.02mm
Repeat position accuracy X, Y and Z axle +0.01mm
Maximum position speed of X and Y axle 150m/min
Acceleration 2.5G
Max load of working table 1500kg
Drawing programming mode AI, DWG, PLT, DXF format import directly
Machine weight 11500Kgs
*** Note: As products are constantly updated, please contact us for latest specifications.***
Cutting Thickness Limit:
Material Cutting Thickness Limit
Carbon steel 25mm
Stainless steel 12mm
Aluminum 10mm
Brass 6mm
Copper 6mm
Main Parts:
Article Name Remark
Fiber laser resonator IPG (Germany)/4000W
Servo motor and driver DELTA (Taiwan)
Ball screw rod HIWIN (Taiwan)
Liner guide HIWIN (Taiwan)
Gear rack YYC (Taiwan)
Laser head PRECITEC (Germany)
Chiller TONG FEI (China)
Controller BECKHOFF (Germany)
Gas Proportional valve SMC (Japan)
Reduction gear box APEX (Taiwan)
Detailed Pictures
  • Germany PRECITEC Spain FAGOR Servo motor and drive Germany PRECITEC Laser Cutting Head
  • IPG YLS-4 kW Laser power from Germany IPG YLS-4 kW Laser power from Germany
  • Linear guide and Rack Linear guide and Rack
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