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4 Rolls Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine

ACCURL manufactures 4 rolls hydraulic plate bending machines which can bend the sheets of 2 mm to 200 mm in thickness and 1000 mm to 12000 mm in width/ length.

4 Rolls Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine

The frames of our machines are made of welded steel (ST-52). Roll shafts, materials and bearings used in production are European quality. Also the torque limit of the machines is very high. NC playback and CNC graphic control systems are available as optional accessories.

The “Emergency Stop” button in large machinery stops all functions of a machine in an emergency situation. The “Emergency Stop” buttons are at both sides in the front of the machine and also on the control panel as a part of high level security precautions.

Side supports and elevator carry the weight of the iron sheet and prevent deformation.

Discharging of the bent sheet is easy effectuated by the opening the hydraulic drop end.

Since the swing guides are designed according to the level arm principle, the machine provides more power to bend the material and with the help of this power, pre-bending is getting perfect and flat ends are decreased to minimum level.

Standard Equipment
1. Cone Bending device
2. Induction hardened rolls
3. Digital display for both side rollers
4. Machine body is steel (ST-52) construction
5. Separate control panel
6. Two speed control
7. All rollers mounted in bearing
8. Drop end controlled from control panel in order to release easily bent metal sheet and lifted upper rolls
9. Cone open and close controlled by panel
10. Center rolls are driven by hydraulic motor and planetary gear box
11. CE, ISO 9001-2008, TSEK and TURQUM certificates

Optional Equipment
1. Stepless regulation of rotation speed
2. Side and central supports for metal sheets in big diameters
3. Material feeding table
4. CNC graphic control system
5. NC playback control system
6. Changeable top roll with small diameters
7. Oil cooling system
8. Calibration

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